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Music Mountain on Stage
I’m inspired by the stories of life…yours, mine, all of ‘em…they’re the music of life. For lotsa years, I simply wrote my interpretations of those influences purely for my eyes and ears…sort of a personal journal of life’s revelations. One day I grabbed my guitar and figured to take some of those puppies to various jams-n-pickin’ parties, throw ‘em up on the wall of public opinion…danged if some of ‘em didn’t stick.

In the lovin’ hands of our Father, as He conducts the perfect and grand orchestration of life, you and I get to play an integral part in His glorious and beautiful songs…what a blessing! I know there are better pickers-n-singers out there…better songwriters too. But ya know?…I don’t believe there’s anybody anywhere who can tell their story better’n them, your story better’n you, or mine better’n me…so here we go.


Bobby Giles

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